Nuffield 3/45 from Sweden

Nuffield 3/45 from Sweden.

Tommy Westman, from Sweden, bought his Nuffield 3/45 in August 2012, its had four previous owners and was originally registered on the 30th of November 1970. The “Tipp Topp” Swedish cab was made by Hambergs Bil & Mek, and the front end loader is a Swedish Källve model. The cab and front end loader have been on the tractor since new,

The tractor is in good running condition and is in daily use. Tommy has restored the electric system so that all the lamps, gauges, direction indicators and the windscreen wiper are now working. To bring the cab up to scratch a new roof was sourced and fitted.

Tommy - Sweden - 1A

When Tommy bought the 3/45 it had only about 4600 hours on the clock! The previous owner had died in 1991 and the tractor was laid up for the next 21years.

This winter the Nuffield was used for snow clearance work and in the forest to bring home wood and logs for the fire. Tommy also uses it to deliver hay to his horses. In a Swedish Tractor book Tommy read that the 3/45 and 4/65 versions of Nuffield didn’t sell very well! Journalists and Farmers stated that the Nuffield was badly constructed! Tommy doesn’t agree with that, the only thing he misses with his Nuffield is the lack of power steering! When he uses the front loader for moving snow the steering gets very heavy and it takes a lot of muscle to steer it.

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Although there aren’t many Nuffield Tractors in Sweden this is Tommy’s first one, he had a BM 35 (Bolinder Munktell) 1952 diesel before it. Other tractors that he has owned were a Volvo T22 1949 with a kerosene engine, a MAN Ackerdiesel and a German built Farmall restoration project, he has now sold them all leaving the Nuffield as his only tractor.

Tommy - Sweden - 3A

The Nuffield Universal Four with reversed drive is located about 40km from Tommy’s home, nothing is known about it but it is in good condition and appears to be in use for clearing snow.

Posted by John  February 21st, 2013

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