Australian – Leyland 154 Tractors

Leyland 154 Tractor with front loader and backhoe

During the 1970’s Leyland 154 tractors became very popular in Australia, this was due to their compact size and versatility. Many were fitted out with a heavy duty front end loader, backhoe and crankshaft  oil pump. It may seem strange that a small tractor like the 154 should be fitted out in this way. The answer lies in its compact size and light weight, they were used to dig out swimming pools which were becoming increasingly popular. But why the 154? Due to its size and weight it could be lifted by crane over the top of houses into the back yard where the pool was to be located. When the hole was dug out the tractor was simply lifted out and taken to the next job.

Leyland 154 Multi-Purpose Tractor in Australia

Leyland 154 Multi-Purpose Tractor in Australia

The picture shows a typical 154 in highway yellow livery. Even today Leyland 154’s in Australia are in high demand and attract top Dollar!

Posted by John  April 3rd, 2014

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