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The BMC Mini 9/16 Prototype Tractors

For sixteen years John Poulter has been involved with the restoration and building of many of the Nuffield/Leyland small tractor range since buying his first BMC Mini 9/16 in 1999 after a meeting with the Nuffield Club founder, the late John Harlow. Like many tractor enthusiasts, his passion on occasions became obsessive and in recent years directed towards the prototype tractor that became the BMC Mini 9/16 which was designed and built by Harry Fergusons’ Tractor Research Company in Coventry. From reading about the first prototype, called the Tractor Research Mk 1 and registered 495 EUE, the author has located nine of the original fifteen tractors and three of the larger engine conversions, being responsible for the restoration of four. This book is the story of the search for the tractors and a technical appraisal of the original design and its development firstly into the BMC Mini 9/16, launched to the public in December 1965 and then the Nuffield 4/25 introduced in December 1968.

This third and final edition of the book is soft back with 114 pages, printed in full colour and packed with photos, some taken during the early field trials in 1962 to 1964.

BMC Mini 9/16 and 4/25 Prototype Tractors

BMC Mini 9/16 and 4/25 Prototype Tractors

Copies at £14.50 plus postage will be available direct from the author: phone 01453 547577 or email:


Posted by John  March 2nd, 2015