Rare Marshall 100-4 tractor

Update:- This tractor has now been sold at auction!
In 1989 when a farmer in Herefordshire was looking for a replacement for his Leyland 2100 tractor he decided to purchase an equivalent Marshall. He had owned Leyland’s previously but since Leyland Tractors and Marshall Tractors at Gainsborough no longer existed he approached Marshall Tractors at Scunthorpe to see if he could purchase a new 100 hp tractor. The 100-4 was subsequently built and supplied through F. C. Jackson, Lincolnshire, in January 1990. This tractor is believed to be the very last Marshall 100-4 to be built at Scunthorpe!

Marshall 100-4 Four Wheel Drive

Marshall 100-4 Four Wheel Drive

After a number of years service it was traded in and eventually found its way to John Charnley and Sons, Chorley, Lancashire. Whilst at Charnley’s the Leyland 6/98NT engine received a T. B. Turbo Kit to boost its power. This raised the power to about 115hp.

Unique Marshall 100-4 tractor

Rare Marshall 100-4 tractor

In 2001 the tractor was purchased by a contractor in New Zealand and shipped out where it was worked for a period of time. It wasn’t ideal due to lack of air conditioning and was disliked by the drivers. After being traded for a new John Deere it was acquired by a farm machinery supplier where it is currently stored under cover. It’s possible that this ‘Rare’ Marshall will be returning to the UK to work on its owner’s family farm. There isn’t a big classic scene in New Zealand and as is viewed as an ‘Odd Ball’. In the UK it will be appreciated as an important piece of UK tractor history.

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