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This is the official Web Site for Nuffield, Leyland and Golden Harvest Marshall tractor owners 

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History of the Nuffield and Leyland Tractor Club

The Nuffield and Leyland Tractor Club was formed in January 1997 by John Harlow. He had purchased a BMC Mini tractor but knew very little about it. From his friends, he discovered there were clubs for other makes of tractors but not Nuffields or Leylands, so he decided to put an advertisement in a tractor magazine to gauge the response for forming a club.

Pam Harlow, who runs the club now says: “I can remember our first telephone call, it was from Richard Hayfield in Wales, who with his father, had been involved with experimental Nuffields on their farm. Richard is still a loyal and enthusiastic Nuffield Club member”.

Initially, John sent a magazine every other month to the growing membership, with a news update in between. This became very time consuming, so members now receive a bi-monthly magazine. John worked very hard to get the club off the ground, publicising it among Nuffield and Leyland owners as well as those with the Golden Harvest Marshall models.

Pam says: “John’s first rally with the Club stand was at Kingswood, Gloucestershire, where he displayed all the new merchandise in an appropriately coloured blue and white marquee. Members who visited the stand were treated to tea and cakes”.

The club continued to grow, attracting members from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and both Northern and Southern Ireland. Sadly, John died in June 2000, so Pam took over the task of running the club until a more knowledgeable enthusiast could take over. When this did not happen, she continued sending out the magazine and attending shows with the help of some very good friends and experienced tractor owners.

“Today, the club magazine has expanded even more. I hope it is of interest to all Nuffield, Leyland and Marshall owners” says Pam. Since Graham Towndrow joined me we have tried to travel as far as possible from our Gloucestershire base to  meet members face to face, which is appreciated on both sides. Membership is still expanding and the interest continues worldwide, it is surprising where these tractors turn up!”

Further details from:- Pam or Graham Towndrow on (+44) (0) 1453 828737


For technical information;

E-Mail:-  info@thenuffieldandleylandtractorclub.co.uk

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Posted by John  January 18th, 2013