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Welcome to the revised Picture Gallery, just place your ‘Mouse’ onto the tractor of your choice and click to download .  When the picture has been downloaded, place the mouse over the image, if a ‘+’ is shown click to enlarge the image.

Why don’t you send your pictures to us so that they can be seen by everybody?
Here are a few suggestions for your subject;  Step by step restoration project, maybe 4 pictures. From hedgerow condition to concours. Your pride and joy or what about good working shots of your classic Nuffield, Leyland or Marshall? The only stipulation is that any pictures submitted should be your own and free from copyright.

Nuffield M3 TVO 1948 to 1956        Nuffield M4 TVO 1948 to 1956

Nuffield DM4 Perkins Diesel 1950 to 1954       Nuffield Draught Control Hydraulics

Nuffield Non-Hydraulics model        Nuffield 10/60 BMC Diesel 1964 to 1967

Nuffield 10/60 Front End weight        Leyland 154 Free Linkage Hyds

Leyland 253 Safety Cab 1971 to 1972        Nuffield 3/42 BMC Diesel 1961 to 1964

Nuffield 10/42 1964 to 1967        Marshall 802 Explorer Cab 1982 to 1985

Nuffield 10/42 Ploughing        Leyland 253 Ploughing

Leyland 2100 6 cyl        Leyland 4100 4WD 6 cyl

Leyland 285 Synchro 1978 to 1980        Leyland 604 / 702 1980 to 1982

Marshall 502 QM cab 1982 to 1985        Marshall 602 Explorer Cab

Marshall 804 Explorer Cab        Nuffield 10/60 Special 6 cyl engine

Nuffield Universal Four 1957 to 1961        Nuffield 4/60 Demonstrator

Leyland 302 1981 to 1982        Nuffield Diesel Mini 1965 to 1968

Nuffield 4/65 1967 to 1969        Nuffield 4/25 Diesel 1968 to 1969

Nuffield Universal Four sliding hub         Marshall 100-4 restoration

Nuffield Bray 6 cyl conversion        Leyland 154 highway yellow

Leyland 272 Synchro 1978 to 1980        Nuffield Universal Three 1957 to 1961

Cross section drawing of Synchro Gearbox        Leyland 472 Synchro 4WD

Export Leyland 702 1979 to 1980        Three export Golden Harvest Tractors

Mosside Farm Training School    –    Mosside Farm Yard

Demonstration Leyland Tractors        ‘Long -USA’ BMC Mini Brochure

Marshall 100-4 Cut-Away drawing        Nuffield Universal Cut-Away drawing

Oil immersed ‘Wet’ Brakes        ‘Stock’ Leylands at Bathgate

Leyland 2-Speed PTO        Nuffield 3-42 Engine

Leyland HD Rear Linkage        Leyland HD Hydraulics

Leyland 154 Rear Links        Leyland 154 Pick-Up Hitch

Nuffield 3-45 Controls        Nuffield 4-25 Drawbar

Nuffield Hydraulic Quadrant        Nuffield 10-60 Engine

Nuffield Universal DM4        Leyland 4-98TT Engine

Nuffield Universal circa 1956 

MARSHALL TRACTOR PICTURES – Some are included in the section above

Marshall rear axle assembly        Marshall Explorer cab fitment

Brittania Works Gainsborough        Marshall HD Hydraulics

Marshall 184 and 264 tractors        Marshall 132 tractor with cab

Marshall 132 with modified bonnet        Marshall 602 Explorer cab

Marshall 804 Explorer cab        Marshall 802 ploughing

Marshall 904 forage harvester        Marshall 100-4

Marshall 100-4 Baling        Marshall 100 Half Track

Marshall 954 tractor        Marshall D642

Marshall D844        Marshall 100-4 Cut-Away

Marshall ‘Nuffield’ 126        Marshall ‘Nuffield’ 126 unrestored   

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