Stop Press News; This registration service is now available to owners of any make of tractor in the UK, not just Nuffields and Leylands.

Registration of Historic Tractors

Are you having difficulty registering your newly acquired Tractor? or you just can’t be bothered with the hassle of dealing with ‘Officialdom’?

Unless you have a Number Plate and the Tax Discs have been kept up to date then 99 times out of 100 Swansea will have no record! All records prior to 1983 were destroyed!

If you have a number plate or want an age related registration then please talk to our expert Dave Morgan. This will save you a lot of time when you send in a registration application. When it comes to filling out forms most people get it wrong! Dave has the time, expertise and contacts at the DVLA to do the job for you. Each year Dave helps to register nearly 80 tractors.

All pre 1983 tractors are ‘Historic’ when it comes to taxation and they run on ‘Heavy Oil’ not diesel. Also all Nuffields are ‘Orange’ not red!! Even a description like ‘Red’ will result in your application form being returned to you!

Please note that the DVLA have increased the registration fee to £55.00, also if you are applying for an age related registration number the DVLA now require personal identification. This ID will normally be in the form of your photographic driving license, this can be a photocopy.

This service is now available to all UK tractor owners no matter what make! Dave can be contacted on Telephone; 01454 311684 or Mobile; 07747 608341

Note:-  When sending documents through the post to Dave please could you ensure that the correct value of ‘Postage Stamps’ have been added. With the recent changes to the size and cost of posting envelopes a 1st class stamp is NOT usually enough for an A4 envelope full of documents.

Posted by John  January 3rd, 2022